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visiononeSince 1956, the team of eye care professionals at Vision One Boise has been providing the Boise community and its surrounding areas with top-quality optical services. Founded by Dr. Charles Stewart more than 60 years ago, Vision One Boise continues to be in the best of hands. Dr. Gregory Bodily and Dr. Jason Fronk, who have continued in the footsteps of Dr. Stewart, are known for their caring expertise, their impressive credentials in the eye health field and their progressive use of innovative technology. If you are looking for an optometrist in Boise, Idaho, consider yourself well taken care of under the supervision of either Dr. Bodily or Dr. Fronk.

Reputation, Convenience and Experience

We make it our mission to offer all patients who seek out our eye care services the highest in quality vision care, no matter what their needs. This goal has led to our gaining a solid reputation as one of the most esteemed optometrist offices in our area. Whether you live in Boise or a surrounding city, we are conveniently located in a location that allows for easy access.

When on the hunt for a top-notch optometrist, it is important to consider experience as a major determining factor. Since Vision One Boise has been helping our patients achieve optimal eye health for more than six decades, we are proud to offer the expertise that comes with such a long legacy of quality optical care.

Learn More About Us

Whether you are curious to learn more about the eye exam services we provide or you want to talk with one of our friendly office staff about what your treatment options are, we are happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have about eyeglasses, contact lenses and more. Simply fill out our online information request form or call us at (208) 344-2020.