An Optometrist in Boise, Idaho, to Take Care of the Whole Family

image08184Your eyes, and the care that they need, can change dramatically or slowly throughout the life span, depending on your genetics, your lifestyle and many other health factors which impact the vision. While children’s eye problems may involve eye discomfort and near or farsightedness, senior eye issues may range from cataracts to glaucoma to many other problems that fall in between. Having a family optometrist in Boise, Idaho, is important if you are seeking long-term, quality and consistent eye care for the infants, children, adults and seniors in your life. Here at Vision One Boise, we are happy to offer care to families throughout each and every life stage, from infancy to seniority.

Common Vision Issues in Children and Seniors

During the very early years and the much later years, the eyes often shift and change and may be in need of extra care and attention. Here are some indicators that a young child or a senior citizen might need to schedule a comprehensive eye exam:

  • Trouble reading or perceiving images from very close up or very far away
  • Eye rubbing, inflammation, discomfort or redness
  • Sensitivity to normal or bright levels of light
  • Avoiding certain activities that are demanding on the eyes, such as reading or watching television, or closing one eye and struggling to do these activities
  • Squinting or straining to see objects or movement

We Are Here to Meet Your Needs

Contact lenses, prescription eyeglasses and other corrective vision techniques can make a world of difference in taking someone’s vision from blurry to brilliant. No matter whether you have young children or elderly family members, we are happy to adapt and customize a treatment plan specific to your needs and wants. Call us today at (208) 344-2020 or go ahead and fill out our brief online request form to find out more about how we can serve your whole family.